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Our Prices

You should know that you always get what you pay for. Bought a new smartphone for half the price? It’s surely a fake or a cheap ripoff. Quality cannot be cheap – it’s a fact and a rule. We admit that our service is not the cheapest one, but you should ask yourself if you really want to risk everything while saving a few coins. We’re not exaggerating a bit – in most educational institutions students get expelled for plagiarism. As you can guess, with cheap writing services the risk of copyright violation is enormous.

What we offer, instead, is the quality you need. For example, one student wants the first place in an essay writing contest and the other one has an academic debt and needs a paper for the teacher just to put a checkmark in front of his name. Their requirements will clearly show that and we’ll form up the prices and the quality for both. So, the first one will get a masterpiece of academic writing, produced by a PhD level specialist, which, of course, will be more expensive. The second one will get a decent paper, worth a “B” or a “C”, cheaper and faster. It’s just a matter of pure logic – pay for what you want and get what you’ve paid for!

The factors that form up the price

  • The size always matters. Obviously, the more pages you require in your paper, the more it will cost.
  • School, college or University. Overall paper complexity is very important too. A school essay will surely be cheaper than a university essay. This also works for any type of papers – a regular book report will be cheaper than a research paper even at the same level.
  • Time is money. We’re completely used to dealing with urgent orders, but as you can understand, when you need an essay NOW, it can’t be cheap. We always advise our customers to plan their time ahead and order papers as soon as they’re assigned.
  • You get what you pay for. Our service let’s you choose the quality of the written work. If you need an award-worthy essay for a contest, we’ll assign a PhD writer to create a masterpiece, but it’ll cost you extra. On the other hand, when you need some lousy book report just to get a check mark – let it be worth a “C” and much, much cheaper.

As you can clearly see, our prices are just plain reasonable. We understand that the main clientele of this service doesn’t hold the world’s wealth, so we’re trying to be as affordable as possible. In addition to that, you’ve always got a lot of chances to win discounts from 5% to 25% off the price.

Don’t Hesitate

You’ve already seen that it won’t rob you to order a paper from us. Don’t lose your precious time! Just contact us right away and ask all the questions you may have. Remember – we can provide assistance at a reasonable price and you’ll surely benefit from it!

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